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December 29, 201707:19 PM
Receive the year with a fresh start. Blush tones will be totally this 2018!
December 26, 201708:06 PM
Happy Christmas aftermath ✨ #MagitexHoliday
December 18, 201708:34 PM
Wide striped lines will always be a classic choice. Double tap if you agree!
December 17, 201706:24 PM
Photos from Magitex Decor's post Choose reliable fabrics that will stand through cold and heat! With whom would share this rooftop?
Magitex Decor added 2 new photos.
December 16, 201707:09 PM
To achieve an Art Deco style don't use any pretty florals or plaids. The fabrics in this style are usually either solid colors or geometric designs. For an added punch try adding highlights with cushions in solid contrasting blocks of ...
December 14, 201709:23 PM
Photos from Magitex Decor's post Now you can actually have breakfast at Tiffany's! We love the fabrics they used, find the materials that will make you feel there by clicking the link in our bio!
Magitex Decor added 2 new photos.
December 8, 201708:52 PM
Photos from Magitex Decor's post Comment ❤️ if you would love to have this dining room. Swipe to see what fabric you can use to recreate it!
Magitex Decor added 3 new photos.
December 6, 201708:45 PM
Achieve luxurous spaces with small details ✨
December 5, 201709:47 PM
Timeless Faux Leather. Create unique pieces with our Magitex Faux Leather collection. Click the link in the bio to learn more.
December 3, 201710:00 AM
Winter might be here, but decor allows us to live in an endless summer!
December 2, 201707:34 PM
Go natural this Christmas 🎄 use pine, evergreen boughs, and garlands with citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. Your house will smell heavenly and just like Christmas!
December 1, 201707:16 PM
Do you love this interior? Yay or nay?
December 1, 201701:22 AM
Give your house a classy and natural Christmas look by using subtle decorations and unexpected colors in your fabrics like gold
November 28, 201707:23 PM
Photos from Magitex Decor's post A cozy winter chalet feel can be achieved with the right earthy tones. Go to to find all the fabrics you need to do it!
Magitex Decor added 3 new photos.
November 28, 201703:14 PM
What's The Difference Between Modern And Contemporary Design? Check out this arcticle about Contemporary vs. Modern Design on Elle Decor!
Believe it or not, there's a pretty big distinction.
November 26, 201706:49 PM
Photos from Magitex Decor's post Our fabrics combine comfort and luxury! Go to to learn more.
Magitex Decor added 3 new photos.
November 22, 201707:17 PM
Color blocking is a summer #TREND that will stick during this summer! Do you like it or not?
November 21, 201707:48 PM
Create unique spaces combining your furniture and drapes! Go to
November 20, 201709:18 PM
Achieve this Parisian look combining tones of coral pink, green and red fabrics. Comment 🇫🇷 if you like it!
November 17, 201708:05 PM
Photos from Magitex Decor's post #DidYouKnow that modern and contemporary design are not the same? While "Modern design" refers to the specific period between the early to mid-twentieth century; "Contemporary" is by definition what's going on in design at this very moment in time. What's ...
September 21, 201601:02 PM
September 7, 201602:30 PM
Door for a media roo Door for a media room! Upholstered with our Top Grain Coffe from our Africa Collection!
September 7, 201602:29 PM
Doors for a media ro Doors for a media room! using our Suede Cardinal from our Suede Collection!
September 7, 201602:28 PM
Ingenious! Ostrich O Ingenious! Ostrich Off White from our Africa Collection!
September 7, 201602:26 PM
Blackout White from Blackout White from our Blackout & Lining collection!
September 6, 201603:03 PM
September 2, 201601:38 PM
September 1, 201603:57 PM
August 31, 201602:29 PM
August 18, 201602:38 PM

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2791 NW 82nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33122

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